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Every good home starts with a good foundation

If you have a cracking or buckling foundation, it can be the start of many costly damages to your property. Be sure you get it taken care of before it is too late with R.M. Dubois Construction Inc.

Stop damage

before it starts


It doesn't matter if you are building your dream home or trying to start a new business, you want to be sure that the structure that you are going to be using is safe and secure. Relax knowing you have dedicated, skilled professionals on the job doing a complete site evaluation.

Start your project with a solid foundation

- Any size

- Any height

- Concrete

- Basements

- Crawl space

- Slab

Get the job done quickly and stay within your budget. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you are building a new structure, try out the latest in technology for your foundation with aluminum panels. Discover what our professional crew can do to be sure your home is protected.

Speak with our experienced contractors today!


Ready for all buildings

Try aluminum panels

Instead of hiring separate contractors to complete all the duties that go along with building and finishing your foundation, allow the skilled professionals at R.M. Dubois Construction Inc to do the whole thing. Ask about waterproofing, excavation, and more!

Finish off the job with one contractor

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