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Every good home starts with a good foundation

If you have areas on your property of wasted space due to dead trees or other unsightly features, call on us to help you get rid of it. You will be amazed at what a difference a professional excavation can do for your yard.

Let us help you clear everything out


Don't waste your time trying to excavate your property by yourself. Renting equipment can be costly and doing the work is time consuming. Leave all of your required land remodels to the experts. Save your free time for what's important to you.

Explore what all of our equipment can get done

- High-lift

- Backhoe

- CT loader

- Rock breaking

- Hauling

- Demolition

Completely revamp your entire property from start to finish with one attentive crew.

Stop breaking your back and put the shovel away. This winter count on the professionals at R.M. Dubois Construction Inc to come and dig you out from the heaviest snowfalls to get you to work on time.

Trust in our 37 years of dedicated work to get the job done.


Variety of services

Tired of shoveling?

When it is time to add concrete to your property for things like garages, sheds, sidewalks, patios, and other areas, call on us for all of your concrete pumping needs. Have us come in and do the job for you or simply rent the equipment you need to get it done on your own schedule.

Putting down a driveway? Adding a basketball court?

Bulldozer knocking down a tree Backhoe working on construction Backhoe pouring dirt into a dump truck Backhoe carrying dirt